The mission of Women of Valor Ministry is to empower women, in various stages of their lives that are seeking professional and personal growth through venues that provide motivation, awareness, and mentoring. 
To encourage women to fulfill their call to a God given ministry of discipleship, stewardship and servant leadership via networking, teaching, mentoring, workshops, conferences, etc.
To be a conduit via the power of the Holy Spirit to women of all cultures, races and nationalities causing them to be re-ignited so that their lights will burn brighter and further than ever before.
A woman’s self esteem, self image, and self confidence are greatly enhanced as she learns her purpose, her various gifts, talents and abilities. Which in turn makes her a better mother, wife, sister, parent, etc. We also believe that ministry is not limited to preaching or pastoring but if a woman is teaching her children and taking care of her home that this is also ministry. It is service to her family.

Someone once said that our life is a reflection of our attitudes and therefore having a new attitude will invariably create new results. Thus it is our mission to minister to women to help them develop new attitudes toward their circumstances and to help them rise above them.

At some point in life everyone experiences a time or season when their inner fire goes out but thanks be to God it can be rekindled through an encounter with another human being. It is our desire through the power of the Holy Spirit to be that conductor through which the Holy Spirit will re-ignite the flames of women of all cultures, races and nationalities causing them to burn brighter and further than ever before.

We also expect to witness the healing and deliverance of our sisters as we minister to their brokenness using the model of the geese.

Our strategy is synonymous to the flying pattern and family structure of the geese. Geese travel in family groupings and fly in a “V” formation. The lead goose flies ahead of the other geese breaking up the air thereby creating an updraft with his wings that causes the air to the side of him to be less turbulent which in turn makes flying easier for the other geese.

Also if a goose dies, becomes wounded or ill or is shot down, two geese drop out of formation and follow it to the ground to help protect it until it dies or can fly again.

While we can’t fly like geese, we can drop out of formation to minister to our sisters who are broken, battered, wounded, shot down and left for dead. We will stand with them in prayer and intercession until they are healed, delivered and set free.